Tuck’s Ridge Vineyard Selection
2011 Buckle Chardonnay

This was a challenging vintage in all respects! After ample winter rains, the same patterns continued into spring but with the added difficulty of warm temperatures and several warm, still and very humid nights. This combination is perfect for downy mildew and many in South Eastern Australia were hit hard. Fortunately in the Mornington Peninsula, many of our standard intensive viticutural practices are the perfect defense against this pathogen, so most survived. Late in December some were then hit by powdery mildew and it was clear to all that the third major menace, botrytis would be a risk late in the season. In spite of all of this, the mild steady ripening suggested brilliant quality was possible. The rain, however, just kept happening, inflating berries and thus making the reds look a little pale compared to other years. The natural acids are excellent and thus the wines are bright and have lovely length. This is definitely a vintage of not judging a book by its cover!

The Tucks Single Vineyard Chardonnays are always hand harvested, then pressed as whole bunches. The minimal amount of skin contact gives the wine a slightly more linear palate to optimize its chance of ageing well. It is then entirely fermented in French barrels (30% new) with some of the solids from the juice. Barrels are stirred only in the latter part of fermentation.

It is then matured for 9 months before fining, filtration and bottling.


This vintage has provided us with a very individual Buckle Chardonnay, picked considerably earlier than usual it has more citrus characteristics than earlier vintages from our prized Buckle vines, this is a sophisticated long, lean style. A short time in oak gives this wine the complexity it requires, but in a subtle non offensive manner. This vintage will age slowly but steadily, if you are patient you will reap the rewards.

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